About Bradleys Sports Bar

A message from our Chairman David Haythornthwaite

I’ve spent my whole life watching sporting events around the world and particularly following England. When I’ve not been able to attend in person then I’m usually glued to the TV at home with friends and family.

However, when I’m away from home on either business or pleasure, for some reason, finding a bar with the game I want to watch becomes a challenge. Whether it’s Florida, Majorca, Barbados or Bournemouth it just doesn’t seem to be easy. Invariably the hotel concierge will ‘have an idea’ but that’s it, so you end up calling various bars to check if the game you want to watch is on.

It is then into a taxi on your way to the chosen venue only to find out on arrival that American football, Ice Hockey, Basketball or something else has taken precedent and your game is on in some remote corner with no volume. Sound familiar – I’m sure it does.

I decided that if ever I had my chance, I would change all that and Bradley’s is my vision of how a sports bar should be. We have four different zones which will allow us to play four different sports at the same time thus ensuring you can watch your game with your friends just as you would at home. At Bradley’s, you will know at least a week in advance what’s on, when and in which zone. Just go into our website, one-click and it’s easy – for a small fee, you can even reserve a table.

Combine this with great beer and simple fresh food at great prices and hopefully, you’ll think you are in paradise. I know I would, so I’m looking forward to welcoming you and your friends to Bradley’s – let me know what you think, especially if you think we can improve in any way!

I hope you enjoy the experience.